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As part of its educational and social mission and in fulfilling the organization's nonprofit charter and bylaws, ETS has and continues to learn from and also to lead research that furthers educational and measurement research to advance quality and equity in education and assessment for all users of the organization's products and services. ETS Research(More)
Texture enhancement is extremely important for image analysis. In this paper, a pixel-level texture enhancement method based on heat conduction equation is proposed. Using this texture enhancement method can efficiently enhance the hidden texture which would increase matching accuracy. And the existence and uniqueness theorem of corresponding points(More)
In large-scale educational surveys, a latent regression model is used to compensate for the shortage of cognitive information. Conventionally, the covariates in the latent regression model are principal components extracted from background data. This operational method has several important disadvantages, such as the handling of missing data and the high(More)
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