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A distinct subset of B cells, also known as regulatory B cells, can negatively regulate T cell immune responses, but the role of these cells in schistosomiasis has not been clarified. Soluble egg antigen (SEA) and soluble adult worm antigen preparation (SWAP), which are two important antigen sources during Schistosoma japonicum infection, both can induce(More)
Database analysis and the recovery of deleted record are two of the most important parts in digital forensics. This paper focuses on the management mechanism of Android S MS database, involving the analyses of write-in rules of database and log files during the data updating process. Based on the research results, a recovery method for database operating(More)
It is well-known that the existence of unstable zero dynamics is recognized as a major barrier in many control systems, and deeply limit the achievable control performance when controlling a system. When a continuous-time multivariable system with at least one of relative degrees greater than two is discretized in the case of the time delay and a zero-order(More)
Automatic reassembly of log file fragments from a collection of mixed fragments is one of the most important process during log file carving. In this paper we propose a general process model and design an algorithm based on graph theory for automatic reassembly of log file fragments. Finally, an experiment is designed and explored and results demonstrated(More)
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