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Monsters and strange creatures are frequently demanded in 3D games and movies. Modeling such kind of objects calls for creativity and imagination. Especially in a scenario where a large number of monsters with various shapes and styles are required, the designing and modeling process becomes even more challenging. We present a system to assist artists in(More)
We present an efficient polygonization approach for tree trunks modeled by line skeleton-based convolution surfaces. A quad-dominated non-convex bounding polyhedron is firstly created along the skeleton, which is then tetrahedralized and subdivided into the pre-defined resolution. After that, the iso-surface within each tetrahedron is extracted using(More)
Myeloid-derived suppressor cells (MDSCs) are negative regulators of the immune response and are in part responsible for the inhibition of the T cell-mediated immune response. A recent paper indicated that MDSCs were involved in prolonged allograft survival in animal models of transplantation, but the significance of MDSCs in human renal transplantation is(More)
This work presents a Shape Grammar Interpreter to produce Indian traditional twisted wire jewelry designs implementing shape grammar approach. This formalism comprises a vocabulary of shapes and a set of shape rules that allows users to create, modify and generate twisted wire jewelry designs. The developed tool allows the designers to participate in design(More)
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