Xuekan Qiu

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In this paper, by considering the multiple spatial-temporal characteristic of visual perception system, we propose a novel home video attention analysis method. Firstly, each frame of the video is segmented into regions which are more informative than pixels and image blocks. Then the saliency of each region is analyzed by combining static, motion and(More)
The new trend of online advertisement is in-image advertising, which is facing the risk of being intrusive. Several works have been done to reduce the intrusiveness. However, intrusiveness is a subjective concept and is difficult to be measured objectively. In this paper, by considering the fact that gentle advertising will not disturb audiences' attention(More)
In this paper, we propose an attention based method to provide convenient browsing experience on mobile devices. To achieve this, we extract video summary in both temporal and spatial domains. Firstly, an improved video attention analysis method is performed to obtain attention distribution of video. Then, temporal summarization is carried out by extracting(More)
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