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The contribution of fiber alignment of scaffold on cellular mechanisms was evaluated by a comparative study of two different cells sourced from cornea. Electrospun scaffolds with similar composition and comparable fiber size were fabricated into randomly oriented and aligned scaffolds, which bear paralleled degradation of gelatin. Tensile test of wet(More)
In the present study, we designed a novel, multi-stimuli responsive, biocompatible and non-immunogenic smart carrier for targeted delivery and triggered release of hydrophobic drugs. The designed multi-stimuli responsive smart chitosan-based microcapsules (MSRS-CS-MCs) have been fabricated successfully from folic acid (FA) functionalized thiolated chitosan(More)
In the present study, the molecular and magnetic dual-targeted redox-responsive folic acid-cysteine-Fe3O4 microcapsules (FA-Cys-Fe3O4 MCs) have been synthesized via the sonochemical technique, and targeting molecule (folic acid) and Fe3O4 magnetic nanoparticles are introduced into the microcapsule shells successfully. The obtained FA-Cys-Fe3O4 MCs show(More)
Multifunctional folic acid conjugated BSA@Fe3O4 microcapsules (FA-BSA@Fe3O4 MCs) have been prepared successfully based on the sonochemical method. The as-synthesized FA-BSA@Fe3O4 MCs have a suitable size range for biomedical applications, and a high loading capacity for water-insoluble drugs. Furthermore, FA-BSA@Fe3O4 MCs show excellent magnetic properties.(More)
Magnetic and pH-responsive chitosan microcapsules (MPRCMCs) were prepared by a simple sonochemical method. Superparamagnetic oleic acid modified Fe3O4 nanoparticles (OA-Fe3O4 NPs) and hydrophobic drugs could be directly loaded into MPRCMCs during sonication. The obtained microcapsules had a well-defined spherical morphology with the average size of 2 μm.(More)
Porous titanium (PT) is considered as a promising biomaterials for orthopedic implants. Besides biocompatibility and mechanical properties, corrosion resistance in physiological environment is the other important factor affecting the long stability of an implant. In order to investigate the corrosion behavior of porous titanium implants in a dynamic(More)
A versatile folic acid (FA)-functionalized reduction-responsive magnetic chitosan (CS) nanocapsules (FA-RMCNCs) were designed and fabricated successfully from FA-functionalized thiolated chitosan with a simple sonochemical method. The targeting molecule (FA), red fluorescent probes (Rhodamine B isothiocyanate, RITC) and thiolated Fe3O4 magnetic(More)
Redox-responsive magnetic protein microcapsules with Fe3O4 magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs) encapsulated inside have been obtained using a facile, cost-effective and fast sonochemical method from hen egg white proteins. Such prepared redox-responsive magnetic hen egg white protein microcapsules (MHEWPMCs) could be easily manipulated to do magnetic-guided(More)
A facile sonochemical approach is designed to fabricate protein nanocapsules for hydrophilic drugs (HDs), and HD-loaded multifunctional bovine serum albumin (BSA) nanocapsules (MBNCs) have been prepared for the first time. The as-synthesized HD-loaded MBNCs have a satisfying size range and an excellent magnetic responsive ability. Moreover, high-dose(More)
In this study, the biocompatible redox and pH dual-responsive magnetic graphene oxide microcapsules (MGOMCs) were prepared by a simple sonochemical method. The disulfide bonds cross-linked the wall of MGOMCs were formed from the hydrosulfuryl on the surface of thiolated graphene oxide, which was synthesized by functionalizing graphene oxide with cysteine,(More)