Xuejie Zhu

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An efficiency of flexible perovskite solar cells (Pvs-SCs) of 16.09% is achieved, the highest value reported for flexible Pvs-SCs to date. The outstanding performance is attributed to the superior features of alternative electron-transport materials, such as antireflection, a suitable work function, high electron mobility, and a reduced trap-state density(More)
Electron transport layer (ETL), facilitating charge carrier separation and electron extraction, is a key component in planar perovskite solar cells (PSCs). We developed an effective ETL using low-temperature solution-processed Nb-doped SnO2 (Nb:SnO2). Compared to the pristine SnO2, the power conversion efficiency of PSCs based on Nb:SnO2 ETL is raised to(More)
A deposition process has been developed to fabricate a complete-monolayer Pt coating on a large-surface-area three-dimensional (3D) Ni foam substrate using a buffer layer (Ag or Au) strategy. The quartz crystal microbalance, current density analysis, cyclic voltammetry integration, and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy results show that the monolayer(More)
GNU Radio is a free and open-source software development toolkit that provides signal processing blocks to implement software radios. Through its operation and signal processing module, an ordinary PC can implement modern communication process, codec, time and frequency synchronization process in a flexible manner. Because of the high cost of traditional(More)
Social relations between users is a key factor impacting the willingness of users to participate in D2D delivery. However, close social ties and proximity location of users can not always be satisfied due to the time and space limits. In this paper, we introduce social credit to stimulate selfish users for an active D2D communication networks, which is a(More)
Chemical composition and film quality are two key figures of merit for large-area high-efficiency perovskite solar cells. To date, all studies on mixed perovskites have used solution-processing, which results in imperfect surface coverage and pin-holes generated during solvent evaporation, execrably influencing the stability and efficiency of perovskite(More)
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