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Since the 1980s, the development of information and communication technologies (ICTs) has greatly changed people’s modes of production and lifestyle, and it has also had a significant influence on traditional social structures. Microblogs – a type of social media application such as Twitter or Weibo – have served as an important platform for network(More)
OBJECTIVE To study pharmacokinetic of puerarin in rats following different methods of administration of Tongqiao Sanyu prescription. METHOD Tongqiao Sanyu prescription was administered to rats by caudal vein injection, nasal administration and oral administration. Plasma samples were extracted with methanol and the plasma concentration of puerarin was(More)
Developers work in the IDE, but search online resources in the web browser. The separation of the working and search context often cause the ignorance of the working context during online search. Several tools have been proposed to integrate the web browser into the IDE so that developers can search and use online resources directly in the IDE. These tools(More)
Xingnaojing microemulsion (XNJ-M) administered intranasally is used for stroke treatment. Methoxy poly(ethylene glycol)-poly(lactide) (mPEG-PLA) is a block copolymer with surfactant-like properties and good biodegradability and reliable biological safety. In order to investigate the possibility to lower mucosa irritation with XNJ-M, XNJ-M modified by(More)
With the explosive expansion of the information and communication technology (ICT) section, its energy saving has become an important issue and is receiving wide interest. In this study, we propose an adaptive clock frequency strategy for router cards to minimize the total energy consumption of an IP over WDM network. Rather than always running at full(More)
Knowledge graph is useful for many different domains like search result ranking, recommendation, exploratory search, etc. It integrates structural information of concepts across multiple information sources, and links these concepts together. The extraction of domain specific relation triples (subject, verb phrase, object) is one of the important techniques(More)
Aerial image calculation for thick masks is an indispensable but time-consuming step in most lithography simulations. This paper develops a fast thick-mask aerial image calculation method based on machine learning for partially coherent lithography systems. First, some sparse sampling points are chosen from the source plane to represent the partially(More)
Based on the construction process of the online administrative service system of M City Hall, this paper attempts to probe into the interaction process and the underlying mechanism of information technology and government organizations from micro perspective. It reveals that the implementation of information technology in government organizations is a micro(More)
The aim of this work was to study the in situ and in vivo nasal absorption of borneol. A novel single pass in situ nasal perfusion technique was applied to examine the rate and extent of nasal absorption of borneol by rats. Experimental conditions, such as perfusion rate, pH and drug concentration, were investigated. The in situ experiments showed that the(More)