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Dysfunctional Default Mode Network in Methadone Treated Patients Who Have a Higher Heroin Relapse Risk
The purpose of this study was to identify whether heroin relapse is associated with changes in the functional connectivity of the default mode network (DMN) during methadone maintenance treatmentExpand
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Disrupted coupling of large-scale networks is associated with relapse behaviour in heroin-dependent men.
BACKGROUND It is unknown whether impaired coupling among 3 core large-scale brain networks (salience [SN], default mode [DMN] and executive control networks [ECN]) is associated with relapseExpand
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Methadone-induced Damage to White Matter Integrity in Methadone Maintenance Patients: A Longitudinal Self-control DTI Study
Methadone maintenance treatment (MMT) can induce impairments in brain function and structure, despite its clinical effectiveness. However, the effect of chronic MMT on brain white matter (WM) is notExpand
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Modulation of compositions and electrocatalytic activities of quaternary nanoporous Pt-based alloys via controllable dealloying
Abstract Electrocatalysts are crucial materials for applications of direct methanol fuel cells (DMFCs). Here, we have designed a novel multi-component nanoporous alloy electrocatalyst, and furtherExpand
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Anti-CTGF Single-Chain Variable Fragment Dimers Inhibit Human Airway Smooth Muscle (ASM) Cell Proliferation by Down-Regulating p-Akt and p-mTOR Levels
Connective tissue growth factor (CTGF) contributes to airway smooth muscle (ASM) cell hyperplasia in asthma. Humanized single-chain variable fragment antibody (scFv) was well characterized as a CTGFExpand
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Brain white matter integrity in heroin addicts during methadone maintenance treatment is related to relapse propensity
Cognitive deficits caused by heroin‐induced white matter (WM) impairments hinder addicts' engagement in and benefit from treatment. The predictive value of WM integrity in heroin addicts duringExpand
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Preoperative prediction of pelvic lymph nodes metastasis in early-stage cervical cancer using radiomics nomogram developed based on T2-weighted MRI and diffusion-weighted imaging.
OBJECTIVE To explore an MRI-based radiomics nomogram for preoperatively predicting of pelvic lymph node (PLN) metastasis in patients with early-stage cervical cancer (ECC). METHODS Ninety-sixExpand
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Self-supporting nanoporous gold-palladium overlayer bifunctional catalysts toward oxygen reduction and evolution reactions
The oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) and oxygen evolution reaction (OER) are crucial processes for energy conversion/storage systems, such as fuel cells, metal–air batteries, and water splitting.Expand
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Disrupted Default Mode Network and Basal Craving in Male Heroin-Dependent Individuals: A Resting-State fMRI Study.
  • Q. Li, Zhe Li, +10 authors Y. Liu
  • Medicine, Psychology
  • The Journal of clinical psychiatry
  • 26 October 2016
BACKGROUND Craving is associated with a high probability of relapse. However, the relationship between functional connectivity in the default mode network (DMN) during resting state and basal cravingExpand
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Large-scale synthesis and catalytic activity of nanoporous Cu–O system towards CO oxidation
Nanoporous Cu–O system catalysts with different oxidation states of Cu have been fabricated through a combination of dealloying as-milled Al66.7Cu33.3 alloy powders and subsequent thermal annealing.Expand
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