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Salidroside is one of the major phenolic glycosides in Rhodiola, which has been reported to possess various biological activities. In the present study the in vivo deglycosylation metabolism of salidroside was investigated and its aglycone p-tyrosol but not the original salidroside was identified as the main form in rat tissues following the administration(More)
With the development of network information technology, a lot of news comes into the view of Internet users. We have entered the “information overload” era. So how to find useful information becomes more and more important. Personalized news recommendation is a kind of technology to find the news that users want to get urgently. It is based on(More)
A Constant Volume Combustion system is introduced in this paper, which was used to investigate the combustion characteristics of gaseous fuel. In the system, the combination of methane and Carbon dioxide was conducted to simulate the low calorific value gas-biogas. The purpose of the experimental research which was performed on the system is to study the(More)
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