Xuejiao Han

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In the present work, the salidroside metabolite profile in rat urine was investigated, and subsequently the metabolic pathways of salidroside were proposed. After administrations of salidroside at an oral dose of 100 or 500 mg/kg, rat urine samples were collected and pretreated with methanol to precipitate the proteins. The pretreated samples were analyzed(More)
Accurate determination of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in surface waters is necessary for protection of the environment from adverse effects that can occur at concentrations which require preconcentration to be detected. In this study, an effective solid phase extraction (SPE) method based on cetyltrimethylammonium bromide (CTAB)-coated Fe3O4(More)
Salidroside is one of the major phenolic glycosides in Rhodiola, which has been reported to possess various biological activities. In the present study the in vivo deglycosylation metabolism of salidroside was investigated and its aglycone p-tyrosol but not the original salidroside was identified as the main form in rat tissues following the administration(More)
The coexistence of heavy metals and antibiotics is common in the environment, and their interactions may mutually alter their environmental behaviors and risks. This study investigated ofloxacin (OFL)-Cu(II) interaction using fluorescence quenching experiments. The possible artifacts were excluded and OFL quenching was attributed to static quenching as(More)
There has been limited research investigating how the mechanisms of aggregation of magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs) are affected by inorganic ions. In this study, Na+, Mg2+, Ca2+, Sr2+ and Ba2+ were selected to systematically study the aggregation mechanisms of Fe3O4 MNPs. The results indicated that divalent cations more significantly affected the stabilities(More)
The wide use and occurrence of antibiotics in water environments have caused wide concerns. Ofloxacin (OFL) was selected as a target antibiotic, and the interaction between OFL and sequential extracted dissolved organic matter (DOM) from the sediment of Dianchi, a hypertrophic lake in Southwest China, was explored using fluorescence quenching technology.(More)
With the development of network information technology, a lot of news comes into the view of Internet users. We have entered the “information overload” era. So how to find useful information becomes more and more important. Personalized news recommendation is a kind of technology to find the news that users want to get urgently. It is based on(More)
A Constant Volume Combustion system is introduced in this paper, which was used to investigate the combustion characteristics of gaseous fuel. In the system, the combination of methane and Carbon dioxide was conducted to simulate the low calorific value gas-biogas. The purpose of the experimental research which was performed on the system is to study the(More)
For an improved understanding of the metal behavior between the sediment and overlaying water of Taihu Lake, the technique of diffusive gradients in thin films (DGT) was used to characterize the DGT measured concentration in sediments and release kinetics of Cr, Ni, Cu, Zn, Cd and Pb in representative lake parts. Spatially, the DGT-measured concentration of(More)
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