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Massive concrete dam projects will be conducted in the next ten years to respond to the increasing demand for clean energy and water resources in developing countries. With more attention paid to environmental issues, there is an increasing need to develop a methodology for reliably predicting the integrated performance of cost, schedule and emission(More)
Shear fatigue of reinforced concrete members without transverse reinforcement has been observed to be potentially governing for the strength of some structural members subjected to large live loads of repetitive nature (as traffic, wind or wave actions). Although extensive experimental programmes have been performed in the past and a rational approach to(More)
The thermal physical properties of Li2CO3-Na2CO3-K2CO3 eutectic molten salt were comprehensively investigated. It was found that the liquid salt can remain stable up to 658 °C (the onset temperature of decomposition) by thermal analysis, and so the investigations on its thermal physical parameters were undertaken from room temperature to 658 °C. The density(More)
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