Xuehua Chen

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In a Linux cluster, as in any multi-processor system, the inter-processor communication rate is the major limiting factor to its general usefulness. This research is geared toward improving the communication performance by identifying where the inefficiencies lie and trying to understand their cause. The NetPIPE utility is being used to compare the latency(More)
The performance of the communication network can greatly affect the ability of scientific applications to make efficient use of the computational power available in high-performance computing systems. Many tools exist for analyzing network performance, but most concentrate on a single layer in the communication subsystem or on one type of network hardware.(More)
We propose a decision-support aid for control room security economy decision-making that considers probabilistic characteristics of contingencies and load conditions of power systems. The approach is based on use of risk-based security assessment to enable treatment of security level as an objective within multi-criterion decision making (MCDM) techniques.(More)
The numerous recent laboratory and field examples show the potential benefits of seismic low frequencies in hydrocarbon detection. To simulate the frequency-dependent response of turbidite reservoirs in JZ Area, the Bohai Sea, China, and then implement frequency-dependent detection of the hydrocarbon accumulation based on low frequencies, we expanded a(More)
When coal mining under the railway, the surface deformation caused by coal mining must be less than the railway allowed. The stability of the protection pillar is an important factor that affects nearly the surface deformation. Therefore, the stability of protection pillar is the key to coal mining under the railway. In this paper we determine the(More)
  • Shuanghui Li, Xuehua Chen
  • 2011
Blasting pressure release of roof deep hole in the fully-mechanized face interconnection can shorten the first collapse step distance of roof, to avoid rock burst disasters that may caused a large area of roof collapse. Based on the actual geological condition of 6303 working face interconnection in Jining No.3 Coal Mine, from the rock blasting mechanism,(More)
In order to effectively prevent the roof caving accidents occurs of the old roof weighting, the SOS microseism monitoring and measuring system was applied to the full time monitoring and measuring on the working face since the beginning of coalface mining start. Statistical analysis of micro earthquake events, incident frequency and event total energy(More)
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