Xuehe Zhang

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To address the lack of 3D space information in the digital radiography of a patient femur, a pose estimation method based on 2D-3D rigid registration is proposed in this study. The method uses two digital radiography images to realize the preoperative 3D visualization of a fractured femur. Compared with the pure Digital Radiography or Computed Tomography(More)
Triangulations for surface scattered points are used in the field of three-dimensional reconstruction widely. In order to reconstruct surface fast and efficiently, a combination triangulation algorithm was proposed. The triangulation method includes three steps: firstly, the scattered points were carved into many regions by the Axis-Aligned Bounding Box(More)
In the rapid development of technology and knowledge-based economy against the background of the times, the IPR of enterprises participating in the process of value creation has been the key issues in the business world. The resulting growth in the value chain of IP is a complicated process of evolution, and non-linear dynamics, and self-organizing system.(More)
Aiming at the stalemate that precision, speed, robustness, and other parameters constrain each other in the parallel processed vision servo system, this paper proposed an adaptive load capacity balance strategy on the servo parameters optimization algorithm (ALBPO) to improve the computing precision and to achieve high detection ratio while not reducing the(More)
The tiger beetle can maintain its stability by controlling the interaction force between its legs and an unstructured terrain while it runs. The biomimetic hexapod robot mimics a tiger beetle, and a comprehensive force sensing system combined with certain algorithms can provide force information that can help the robot understand the unstructured terrain(More)
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