Xueguang Shao

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Variable (or wavelength) selection plays an important role in the quantitative analysis of near-infrared (NIR) spectra. A modified method of uninformative variable elimination (UVE) was proposed for variable selection in NIR spectral modeling based on the principle of Monte Carlo (MC) and UVE. The method builds a large number of models with randomly(More)
Near-infrared (NIR) spectrometry will present a more promising tool for quantitative measurement if the robustness and predictive ability of the partial least square (PLS) model are improved. In order to achieve the purpose, we present a new algorithm for simultaneous wavelength selection and outlier detection; at the same time, the problems of background(More)
By combining the aspect of population in genetic algorithms (GAs) and the simulated annealing algorithm (SAA), a novel algorithm, called fast annealing evolutionary algorithm (FAEA), is proposed. The algorithm is similar to the annealing evolutionary algorithm (AEA), and a very fast annealing technique is adopted for the annealing procedure. By an(More)
Molecular surfaces are important because surface-shape complementarity is often a necessary condition in protein-ligand interactions and docking studies. We have previously described a fast and efficient method to obtain triangulated surface-meshes by topologically mapping ellipsoids on molecular surfaces. In this paper, we present an extension of our work(More)
An adaptive immune algorithm (AIA) was proposed for resolution of the overlapping GC/MS signal with background. By using AIA, the chromatographic profiles corresponding to the independent components (ICs) in the overlapping signal are calculated with the mass spectra extracted by means of independent component analysis (ICA). The number of the ICs in the(More)
The design of a bioactive surface with appropriate wettability for effective protein immobilization has attracted much attention. Previous experiments showed that the adsorption of hydrophobic protein HFBI onto a polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) substrate surface can reverse the inherent hydrophobicity of the surface, hence making it suitable for immobilization(More)
Amphiphilic cholesteryl 2,6-di-O-methyl-β-cyclodextrins (chol-DIMEB) can self-aggregate into spherical micelles of noteworthy potential for drug delivery. All-atom molecular dynamics simulations of chol-DIMEB micelles consisting of 3-24 monomers have been performed in aqueous solution. chol-DIMEB exhibits a pronounced tendency to self-assemble into(More)
Gene selection is an important task in bioinformatics studies, because the accuracy of cancer classification generally depends upon the genes that have biological relevance to the classifying problems. In this work, randomization test (RT) is used as a gene selection method for dealing with gene expression data. In the method, a statistic derived from the(More)
The structures of silver clusters from Ag(121) to Ag(160) were optimized with a modified dynamic lattice searching (DLS) method, named as DLS with constructed core (DLSc). The interaction among silver atoms is modeled by the Gupta potential. Structural characteristic of silver clusters with the growth of cluster size is investigated with the newly optimized(More)
SHEF (spherical harmonic coefficient filter), a geometrical matching procedure constituting a preliminary step in the virtual high throughput screening of large databases of small drug-like molecules, is demonstrated. This filter uses a description of both the binding site of the target and the ligand surfaces using spherical harmonic polynomial expansions.(More)