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In a mobile service scenario, users query a server for nearby points of interest but they may not want to disclose their locations to the service. Intuitively, location privacy may be obtained at the cost of query performance and query accuracy. The challenge addressed is how to obtain the best possible performance, subjected to given requirements for(More)
Mobile services is emerging as an important application area for spatio-temporal database management technologies. Service users are often constrained to a spatial network, e.g., a road network, through which points of interest , termed data points, are accessible. Queries that implement services will often concern data points of some specific type, e.g.,(More)
The popularity of embedded positioning technologies in mobile devices and the development of mobile communication technology have paved the way for powerful location-based services (LBSs). To make LBSs useful and user- friendly, heavy use is made of context information, including patterns in user location data which are extracted by data mining methods.(More)
This paper concerns the efficient processing of multiple k nearest neighbor queries in a road-network setting. The assumed setting covers a range of scenarios such as the one where a large population of mobile service users that are constrained to a road network issue nearest-neighbor queries for points of interest that are accessible via the road network.(More)
Much research has recently been devoted to the data management foundations of location-based mobile services. In one important scenario, the service users are constrained to a transportation network. As a result, query processing in spatial road networks is of interest. We propose a versatile approach to k nearest neighbor computation in spatial networks,(More)
An infrastructure is emerging that supports the delivery of on-line, location-enabled services to mobile users. Such services involve novel database queries, and the database research community is quite active in proposing techniques for the efficient processing of such queries. In parallel to this, the management of data streams has become an active area(More)
In order to provide context--aware Location--Based Services, real location data of mobile users must be collected and analyzed by spatio--temporal data mining methods. However, the data mining methods need precise location data, while the mobile users want to protect their location privacy. To remedy this situation, this paper first formally defines novel(More)
This paper focuses on the face stability analysis of Double-O-Tube shield tunnel. This kind of analysis is significant to ensure the safety of workers and reduce the influence on the surrounding environment. The key point of the stability analysis is to determine the supporting pressure applied to the face by the shield. A collapse failure will occur when(More)