Xuefeng Zheng

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— An emerging internet based super computing model is represented by cloud computing. Cloud computing is the convergence and evolution of several concepts from virtualization, distributed storage, grid, and automation management to enable a more flexible approach for deploying and scaling applications. However, cloud computing moves the application software(More)
Cloud computing has achieved an unbelievable adoption response rate but still its infancy stage is not over. It is an emerging paradigm and amazingly gaining popularity. The size of the market shared of the applications provided by cloud computing is still not much behind the expectations. It provides the organizations with great potential to minimize the(More)
— In recent times cloud computing has appeared as a new model for hosting and conveying services over the Internet. This model is striking to business vendors as it eradicates the requirement for users to plan in advance, and it permits the organization to start from low level and then add more resources only if there is an increase in the service demand.(More)
In a cloud computing environment, access control policy is an effective means of fortification cloud users and cloud resources / services against security infringements. Based on analysis of current cloud computing security characteristics, the preamble of the concept of trust, role-based access control policy, combined with the characteristics of the cloud(More)