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PURPOSE Both passive flexion-active extension and active rehabilitation have shown advantages and disadvantages in tendon healing. The purpose of this study was to measure the effect of a combination of these 2 rehabilitation protocols. METHODS A tendon injury model was used in white Leghorn chickens. Thirty-two animals were randomly assigned into 4(More)
STUDY DESIGN A dissection-based study of 6 embalmed cadavers. OBJECTIVE To identify and describe the extraforaminal ligaments (EFLs) in relation to the area of the cervical intervertebral foramina and to evaluate their clinical significance. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA EFLs between the lumbar spinal nerves and the tissues surrounding the intervertebral(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS We aimed to elucidate the effect of Snail transcriptional factor on invasion and metastasis and related molecular mechanisms in HCC. METHODOLOGY Quantitative RT-PCR was performed to evaluate Snail, E-cadherin and MMP-2 mRNA expressions in HCC tissues from 47 patients as well as the expressions with metastases in these patients. Snail siRNA(More)
Feature subset selection, as an important processing step to knowledge discovery and machine learning, is effective method in reducing irrelevant and or redundant features, compressing repeated data, and improving classification accuracy. Rough set theory is an important tool to select feature subset from high-dimensional data. In this work, feature subset(More)
With the fast development of cryptography research and computer technology, the cryptosystems of RSA and Diffe-Hellman are getting more and more unsafe, and elliptic curve cryptosystem is becoming the trend of public cryptography in the future. This paper mainly uses object-oriented technology as tools, and divides elliptic curve cryptosystem into several(More)
This paper studies key management, a fundamental problem in securing mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs). We present the key management scheme as a combination of identity-based and threshold cryptography for ad hoc networks. It is a certificateless solution which eliminates the need for public key distribution and certificates in conventional public key(More)
Secure routing is the key to assure wireless sensor networks working in order, and the classical security mechanisms, such as encryption and authentication can only prevent the outside attacks. In order to defeat the attacks of the inside malicious or captured nodes, in this paper, the trust technology and node¿s location information are employed in the(More)
— An emerging internet based super computing model is represented by cloud computing. Cloud computing is the convergence and evolution of several concepts from virtualization, distributed storage, grid, and automation management to enable a more flexible approach for deploying and scaling applications. However, cloud computing moves the application software(More)
Many projects have tried to analyze the structure and dynamics of application overlay networks on the Internet using packet analysis and network flow data. While such analysis is essential for a variety of network management and security tasks, it is difficult on many networks: either the volume of data is so large as to make packet inspection intractable,(More)