Xuefeng Xian

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Deep Web database classify is a key operation in organizing Deep Web resources. We address the problem of identifying the domain of web databases with simple query interface. The existing methods can not effectively classify this type of web databases, to solve this problem, we propose an new framework that can automatically and accurately classify web(More)
Independent component analysis (ICA) is a statistical technique where the goal is to represent a set of random variables as a linear transformation of statistically independent component variables. This paper proposes a new extended model for CT medical image de-noising, which is using independent component analysis and dynamic fuzzy theory. Firstly, a(More)
Deep web has been an important resource on the web due to its rich and high quality information, leading to emerging a new application area in data mining and integrates. There may be hundreds or thousands of data sources providing data of relevance to a particular domain on the web, So a primary challenge to large-scale deep web data integration is to(More)
Big data from the Internet of Things may create big challenge for data classification. Most active learning approaches select either uncertain or representative unlabeled instances to query their labels. Although several active learning algorithms have been proposed to combine the two criteria for query selection, they are usually ad hoc in finding(More)
An image retrieval approach combined with relevance feedback is proposed. A set of blobs that are generated from image features using clustering can be used to describe an image. Given a training set of images with annotations, we apply probabilistic models to predict the probability of a blob in image according to the query words. For improving the initial(More)
For many applications, finding rare instances or outliers can be more interesting than finding common patterns. Existing work in outlier detection never considers the context of deep web. In this paper, we argue that, for many scenarios, it is more meaningful to detect outliers over deep web. In the context of deep web, users must submit queries through a(More)
REGULAR PAPERS Local Features Based Image Sequence Retrieval Xiang Fu and Jie-xian Zeng Utility Maximization Model for Deep Web Source Selection and Integration Xuefeng Xian, Zhiming Cui, Pengpeng Zhao, Yuanfeng Yang, and Guangming Zhang Research on Programming Algorithm of Trajectory for Hypersonic Vehicles Based on Particle Swarm Optimization Chuanfeng(More)
Huge amount of Traffic video segmented into manageable shots is the key step of database storage and video analysis in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). Then key frames are extracted for representing main visual content of each shot. This paper proposes a novel approach for the segmentation of traffic video by the judgment of motion trend and(More)