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BACKGROUND Uricase has proven therapeutic value in treating hyperuricemia but sufficient reduction of its immunogenicity may be the largest obstacle to its chronic use. In this study, canine uricase was modified with 5 kDa mPEG-SPA and the impact of large aggregated uricases and cross-linked conjugates induced by difunctional PEG diol on immunogenicity was(More)
In the contemporary era, the importance of information is undisputed, but there has never been a common understanding of information, nor a unanimous conclusion to the researches on information metrics. Based on the previous studies, this paper analyzes the important achievements in the researches of the properties and metrics of information as well as(More)
We consider the problem of elastic-demand network equilibrium in communication networks which support both multirate multicast sessions and unicast sessions. Extending existing work for unicast sessions, we first present the elastic-demand network equilibrium models in different multicast sessions, which can be formulated as a convex programming problem. To(More)
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