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With service-oriented architecture entering into the mainstream and the fundamental role security service played in Grid computing, it is necessary and commonplace to integrate security service(s) with other Grid services. However, current ad-hoc, handcrafted and proprietary integrating manners greatly hinder the the newly-integrated service’s QoS(More)
—In order to better solve unified reference and multi-scale framework of storage, organization and service of spatial data, aiming at deficiencies of organization and scheduling methods of spatial data in the mobile GIS service, a kind of new cluster storage management technology based on global subdivision theory is presented in this paper. The main(More)
In order to more efficiently manage and display the Internet public opinion information about natural disasters for the serious natural disaster relief decision support, a kind of geospatial grid display method based the global subdivision grid is presented. By extracting the location information of the Internet public opinion information about natural(More)
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