Xuefeng He

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The Bayesian Ying–Yang (BYY) harmony learning theory has brought about a new mechanism that model selection on Gaussian mixture can be made automatically during parameter learning via maximization of a harmony function on finite mixture defined through a specific bidirectional architecture (BI-architecture) of the BYY learning system. In this paper, we(More)
A wireless temperature sensor node composed of a piezoelectric wind energy harvester, a temperature sensor, a microcontroller, a power management circuit and a wireless transmitting module was developed. The wind-induced vibration energy harvester with a cuboid chamber of 62 mm × 19.6 mm × 10 mm converts ambient wind energy into electrical energy to power(More)
A novel high-precision vacuum microelectronic accelerometer has been successfully fabricated and tested in our laboratory. This accelerometer has unique advantages of high sensitivity, fast response, and anti-radiation stability. It is a prototype intended for navigation applications and is required to feature micro-g resolution. This paper briefly(More)
Proteomic analysis is intrinsically an iterative, incremental process. Information is usually acquired gradually by researchers, and in different projects. At the same time, there are relatively few examples of biological data management systems which take into account this reality, most of them usually treat the experiment generated data as static and(More)
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