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Model-based approaches provide a semantically well justified way to revise ontologies. However, in general , model-based revision operators are limited due to lack of efficient algorithms and inexpressibility of the revision results. In this paper, we make both theoretical and practical contribution to efficient computation of model-based revisions in(More)
Selective oxidation of alcohol in water using molecular oxygen as the terminal oxidant is mediated by rhodium porphyrin complexes. Addition of methanol to an aqueous solution of (TSPP)Rh(III) resulted in observation of the key intermediate porphyrin rhodium(III) methoxide species. The activation parameters for betaC-H elimination of Rh-alkoxide were(More)
Living radical polymerization (LRP) of organic and water soluble acrylates and acrylamides was mediated by a versatile cobalt porphyrin complex (TMP-OH)Co. The capability of this cobalt complex to mediate LRP in both polar and non-polar media permits the direct synthesis of useful and previously difficult to prepare functional block copolymers.