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UNLABELLED Chronic exposure to drugs of abuse is linked to long-lasting alterations in the function of limbic system structures, including the nucleus accumbens (NAc). Although cocaine acts via dopaminergic mechanisms within the NAc, less is known about whether phasic dopamine (DA) signaling in the NAc is altered in animals with cocaine self-administration(More)
Both trace elements and thyroid hormones play essential roles in the human body. However, the previous results about the interaction between these two factors are often controversially given. In order to make clear the influence of thyroid hormones on the homeostasis of trace elements, we studied the variation of Fe, Cu, and Zn in erythrocyte and serum from(More)
Iodine deficiency (ID) can result in irreversible damage to the brain during the fetal and neonatal stages. As the active center of many enzymes, trace elements play essential roles in brain function. In this work, the relative contents and distributions of elements (Cl, Br, Fe, Cu, and Zn) in two important brain regions, the cerebral cortex and(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate vascular flow density in pathological myopia with optical coherence tomography (OCT) angiography. DESIGN A prospective comparative study was conducted from December 2015 to March 2016. SETTING Participants were recruited in Beijing Tongren Hospital. PARTICIPANTS A total of 131 eyes were enrolled, which were divided into three(More)
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