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Bovine embryonic stem cells (bESCs) have not been successfully established yet. One reason could be that CDX2, as the trophectoderm regulator, expresses in bovine inner cell mass (ICM), which probably becomes a technical barrier for maintaining the pluripotency of bESCs in vitro. We hypothesized that CDX2 knockdown (CDX2-KD) could remove such negative(More)
Human acrosin is an attractive target for the discovery of male contraceptive drugs. For the first time, structure-based drug design was applied to discover structurally diverse human acrosin inhibitors. A parallel virtual screening strategy in combination with pharmacophore-based and docking-based techniques was used to screen the SPECS database. From 16(More)
Methylation is an important issue in gene expression regulation and also in the fields of genetics and reproduction. In this study, we created fat-1 transgenic sheep, investigated the fine-mapping and the modulatory mechanisms of promoter methylation. Sheep fetal fibroblasts were transfected by pCAG-fat1-IRES-EGFP. Monoclonal cell line was screened as(More)
How to express the designer’s creative intent in a simple and intuitive way is the main problem in 3d modeling, especially for novice designers. This paper presents a free shape 3d modeling system for creative design based on modified Catmull-Clark subdivision. The system contains a series of easy but novel operations which can be used to change the(More)
In this paper we present a method for detecting three-dimensional systematic errors of Digital Surface Models (DSMs) derived from satellite data. The detection process is realized via a three-dimensional comparison with reference altimetric models of better accuracy, by a matching process based on a 3D geospatial transformation without scale factor(More)
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