Xuefang Zhu

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OBJECTIVES To evaluate the wound healing process following direct pulp capping with demineralized bone matrix (DBM) and calcium hydroxide (Ca(OH)2). METHODS Fifty 8-weeks-old SPF Wistar male rats were divided into two groups: one was the DBM treated group, and the other was the Ca(OH)2 treated group. Pulpotomy was performed on the maxillary first molar of(More)
This paper theoretically analyze the inefficiency of government decision-making from the perspective of Economics, and get the conclusion that government decision-making, which contains public goods' characteristics, has very much low efficiency in the process of public choices and public supplies. In order to solve this problem, i.e., improving the(More)
This paper issues the problem of fault diagnosis in high computing system. In order to solve this problem, i.e., correctly and efficiently detecting the anomaly nodes during the system operation, which is very similar to the principle of pattern recognition research work, thus we try to use some pattern recognition methods to analysis and solve fault(More)
With the rapid development of VLSI, it is essential and possible to use special chips designed for signal processing to make the mathematical transforms faster. Hardware realization structure can provide a way of realizing Mallat's algorithm. In this paper, the author employed digital filter design techniques in wavelet representation of discrete signals.(More)
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