Xuefang Liu

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This paper investigates the power allocation scheme to maximize the sum-rate of a two-way full-duplex (FD) AF relay system under residual self-interference. The variance of self-interference is proportional to the λth power of transmitted power (λ denotes the self-interference level and 0 ≤ λ ≤ 1). The optimization problem(More)
A reversible watermarking algorithm is presented, which achieves content authentication and perfect restoration of the original image during extraction. The proposed algorithm is based on patchwork and chaotic encryption. The patchwork algorithm is used to generate zero-bit watermark for content authentication. The chaotic sequence is used to encrypt the(More)
We propose an energy-efficient mechanism and a corresponding multi-dimension dynamic bandwidth allocation (DBA) algorithm for long-reach Ethernet passive optical networks (LR-EPONs). Time delay was reduced and upstream bandwidth was increased by 10%, and energy saving is increased by 90% when load is small.
Passive optical network (PON) has been widely applied in access network benefitting from its large bandwidth and low-cost passive components that consumes less power, and transport different type of services in hybrid networks. In this paper, we propose a multi-OLT-based virtual PON (MV-PON) system with a dynamic bandwidth allocation (DBA) algorithm.(More)
In this paper, we investigate the energy-efficiency (EE) of a user equipment (UE) experiencing the worst channel conditions, which is named worst-EE. Due to the limitation on the capacity of the mobile equipments' battery, the worst-EE is suitable for EE fairness optimization in the uplink transmissions of orthogonal frequency division multiple access(More)
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