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Glutathione-based zwitterionic stationary phase for hydrophilic interaction/cation-exchange mixed-mode chromatography.
As a naturally hydrophilic peptide, glutathione was facilely immobilized onto silica surface to obtain a novel hydrophilic interaction/cation-exchange mixed-mode chromatographic stationary phaseExpand
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In-Depth Analysis of Glycoprotein Sialylation in Serum Using a Dual-Functional Material with Superior Hydrophilicity and Switchable Surface Charge.
Sialylation typically occurs at the terminal of glycans, and its aberration often correlates with diseases including neurological diseases and cancer. However, the analysis of glycoproteinExpand
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Fast analysis of malachite green, leucomalachite green, crystal violet and leucocrystal violet in fish tissue based on a modified QuEChERS procedure.
Triphenylmethane dyes malachite green (MG) and crystal violet (CV) have been used as antimicrobial, antiparasitic and antiseptic agents in aquaculture. However, MG and CV, as well as theirExpand
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Synthesis and evaluation of sulfobetaine zwitterionic polymer bonded stationary phase.
Zwitterionic polymer stationary phases have attracted increasing attention in hydrophilic interaction chromatography (HILIC). In this work, a zwitterionic sulfobetaine functionalized polyacrylamideExpand
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Hydrophilic interaction/weak cation-exchange mixed-mode chromatography for chitooligosaccharides separation.
A hydrophilic interaction/weak cation-exchange (HILIC/WCX) mixed-mode chromatography was developed for separation of chitooligosaccharides (COS) using a weak cation-exchange column. For betterExpand
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A novel method for characterization and comparison of reversed-phase column selectivity.
Characterization of reverse-phase column selectivity is helpful for chromatographers to select an optimal column. A novel method, based on linear solvation energy relationships (LSERs) combined withExpand
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Hydrophilic interaction/cation-exchange chromatography for glycopeptide enrichment by using a modified strong-cation exchange material
Protein glycosylation analysis based on mass spectrometry (MS) remains a major analytical challenge, because of the low proportions of glycopeptides in the glycoprotein digest and the suppressionExpand
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Chemically Bonded Polyacrylamide via Thiol-Ene Click Chemistry as Separation Materials for Hydrophilic Interaction Liquid Chromatography
Abstract Thiol-ene click chemistry was applied to immobilize polyacrylamide onto alkenyl-modified silica to prepare a novel stationary phase for hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography.Expand
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Practical method for the definition of chromatographic peak parameters in preparative liquid chromatography.
A practical method was established for the definition of chromatographic parameters in preparative liquid chromatography. The parameters contained both the peak broadening level under differentExpand
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Evaluation of separation properties of a modified strong cation exchange material named MEX and its application in 2D-MEX × C18 system to separate peptides from scorpion venom.
Peptides from scorpion venom represent one of the most promising drug sources for drug discovery for some specific diseases. Current challenges in their separation include high complexity, highExpand
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