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Arthrospira (Spirulina) platensis as a representative species of cyanobacteria has been recognized and used worldwide as a source of protein in the food, which possesses some unusual and valuable physiological characteristics, such as alkali and salt tolerance. Based on complete genome sequencing of Arthrospira (Spirulina) plantensis-YZ, we compared the(More)
Recently, a series of studies explored the correlation between the neutrophil to lymphocyte ratio and the prognosis of lung cancer. However, the current opinion regarding the prognostic role of the neutrophil to lymphocyte ratio in lung cancer is inconsistent. We performed a meta-analysis of published articles to investigate the prognostic value of the(More)
It has been well demonstrated that cystatins regulated plant stress tolerance through inhibiting the cysteine proteinase activity under environmental stress. However, there was limited information about the role of cystatins in plant alkali stress response, especially in wild soybean. Here, in this study, we focused on the biological characterization of a(More)
The interactions between room temperature ionic liquids (RTILs) and weak fluorescent chemicals still remain unclear, which hinders the complete and efficient utilization of these “green” solvents in fluorescent analyses of organic chemicals. Herein, we reported the effects of four RTILs, [C8MIM]BF4, [C14MIM]BF4, [C8MIM]PF6 and [C14MIM]PF6, on fluorescence(More)
β-Diketone antibiotics (DKAs) can produce chronic toxicity in aquatic ecosystems due to their pseudo-persistent in the environment. In this study, after long-term DKA exposure to zebrafish (Danio rerio), 47 protein spots had greater than 2-fold differential expression as compared to the control; there were 26 positive proteins with 14 up-regulated and 12(More)
Late gadolinium enhanced (LGE) cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR) has proven to be the gold standard for viability assessment. LGE CMR is also useful for identifying the nature of cardiac masses or lesions. We report a case of a rare primary cystic tumor of the atrioventricular node, in which CMR proved to be valuable.
RNA methylation, which is a form of posttranscriptional modification, is catalyzed by S-adenosyl-L-methionone-dependent RNA methyltransterases (RNA MTases). We have identified a novel silkworm gene, BmRNAMTase, containing a 369-bp open reading frame that encodes a putative protein containing 122 amino acid residues and having a molecular weight of 13.88 kd.(More)
Fluoroquinolones and tetracyclines are known as β-diketone antibiotics (DKAs) because of bearing a diketone group in their molecular structure. DKAs are the most widely used antibiotics to prevent generation of disease in humans and animals and to suppress bacterial growth in aquaculture. In recent years, overuse of DKAs has caused serious environmental(More)
microRNAs (miRNAs) are endogenous non-coding small RNAs (sRNA) that play important regulatory functions in growth, development, and environmental stress response of eukaryotes. Currently, miRNA-size sRNA (msRNAs) was discovered in several prokaryotes through deep sequencing. However, no data are available on whether msRNAs exist in cyanobacteria and whether(More)
Room temperature ionic liquids (RTILs) are emerging as a new class of ‘green’ solvents for use in a wide range of chemical processes. RTILs can sensitize or quench fluorescence of organic chemicals and their interactions still remain unclear, especially for weakly fluorescent chemicals. Herein, we report the effects of six RTILs on the fluorescence behavior(More)