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Spontaneous death of certain classes of germ cells has been shown to be a constant feature of normal spermatogenesis in a variety of mammalian species, including the human. Recent studies on various animal models have demonstrated that apoptosis is the underlying mechanism of germ cell death during normal spermatogenesis. Withdrawal of gonadotropins and/or(More)
The concentrations of total polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (sigmaPAHs) and 15 individual PAH compounds in 20 surface sediments collected from four mangrove swamps in Hong Kong were analysed. sigmaPAH concentrations ranged from 356 to 11,098 ng g(-1) dry weight with mean and median values of 1992 and 1,142 ng g(-1), respectively. These values were(More)
A case-control study was performed on 83 cases of primary pulmonary squamous cell carcinoma and 180 cases of primary pulmonary adenocarcinoma in Nanjing. Multivariate conditional logistic regression analysis showed five risk factors for pulmonary squamous carcinoma. These were: smoking, indoor air pollution due to cooking fumes, family tumor history, type(More)
Over 300 yeast strains isolated from different marine environments were screened for their ability to produce siderophore. Among them, only the yeast strain HN6.2 which was identified to be Aureobasidium pullulans was found to produce high level of the siderophore. Under the optimal conditions, this yeast strain could produce 1.1mg/ml of the siderophore.(More)
The effects of selected cations and pH on the acute toxicity of copper (Cu) to barley root elongation were investigated to develop an appropriate biotic ligand model (BLM). The results showed that increasing activities of Mg(2+) and Ca(2+), but not Na(+) and K(+), linearly increased the EC50 (as Cu(2+) activity). Unchanged EC50 at solution pH less than 6.5(More)
In a population-based case-control study of colorectal cancer among Chinese men and women in western North America and the People's Republic of China, a common protocol was used to assess past life-style characteristics of 905 cases diagnosed during 1981-1986 and 2,488 controls. Risks for cancers of both the colon and rectum increased with increased food(More)
The hypothesis that energy spectra at individual spatial locations in single photon emission computed tomographic projection images can be analyzed to separate the Compton-scattered component from the unscattered component is tested indirectly. An axially symmetric phantom consisting of a cylinder with a sphere is imaged with either the cylinder or the(More)
Edwardsiella tarda is a fish pathogen that causes systemic infections in many food and ornamental fish. E. tarda PPD130/91 and PPD125/87 were selected as representatives of the virulent and avirulent groups, respectively, from eight fish isolates, and transformed with plasmids encoding either green fluorescent protein (pGFPuv) or blue fluorescent protein(More)
The fundamental question of how many equispaced coplanar intensity-modulated photon beams are required to obtain an optimum treatment plan is investigated in a dose escalation study for a typical prostate tumor. Furthermore, optimization of beam orientations to improve dose distributions is explored. A dose-based objective function and a fast gradient(More)
The alpha6 subunit of the gamma-aminobutyric acid type A receptor (GABA(A)-R) has been implicated in mediating the intoxicating effects of ethanol and the motor ataxic effects of general anesthetics. To test this hypothesis, we used gene targeting in embryonic stem cells to create mice lacking a functional alpha6 gene. Homozygous mice are viable and fertile(More)