Xuecheng Wang

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Intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH) can lead to brain damage and even death, and there is lack of effective therapeutic methods for treating ICH. Although recent studies have focused on the administration of metformin in treating stroke, there is no literature to support whether it can be used to treat ICH. Therefore, the aim of this study was to evaluate the(More)
This paper proposed a novel hybrid probabilistic network, which is a good tradeoff between the model complexity and learnability in practice. It relaxes the conditional independence assumptions of Naive Bayes while still permitting efficient inference and learning. Experimental studies on a set of natural domains prove its clear advantages with respect to(More)
Perinatal hypoxia–ischemia (H/I) causes brain injury and myelination damage. Finding efficient methods to restore myelination is critical for the recovery of brain impairments. By applying an H/I rat model, we demonstrate that metformin (Met) treatment significantly ameliorates the loss of locomotor activity and cognition of H/I rat in the Morris water maze(More)
Most of the previous studies on the user preferences assume that there is a personal transitive preference ranking of the consumable media like images. For example, the transitivity of preferences is one of the most important assumptions in the recommender system research. However, the intransitive relations have also been widely observed, such as the(More)
In this thesis, we propose a novel choice of gauge for the Yang-Mills equations on the Minkowski space R. A crucial ingredient is the associated Yang-Mills heat flow. Unlike the previous approaches (as in [15] and [33]), the new gauge is applicable for large data, while the special analytic structure of the Yang-Mills equations is still manifest. As the(More)
Intelligent agent theory is an important concept in artificial intelligent area. An intelligent agent, in a nutshell, is an intelligent program that uses agent communication protocols to exchange information for automatic problem solving, performing specific tasks on behalf of their users. Our objective is to investigate what an intelligent agent consists(More)
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