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A brain-computer interface (BCI) is a system that should in its ultimate form translate a subject's intent into a technical control signal without resorting to the classical neuromuscular communication channels. However, electroencephalogram(EEG ) signal is non-stationary signals, linear analysis methods is not well performance for feature extraction of(More)
Biometric based on Electroencephalogram have proved to be unique enough between subjects for applications. A new method on identifying the individuality of persons by using parametric was used for identification of motor imagery. In this paper, autoregressive mode, phase synchronization, Energy Spectral Density and linear complexity value were used as EEG(More)
Solitary wave is a traveling wave of pulse shape and can travel long distances with little loss of energy or structure. In this letter, characteristics of solitary waves in nerve impulse transmission with high speed are studied. Nonlinear coupling of solitary waves in the presence of dissipation of neurotransmitter is considered in the framework of the(More)
K-connectivity-based topology control can improve fault-tolerant performance of multi-hop wireless networks. Existing algorithms mainly focused on preserving the same k-connectivity between any two nodes. However, in practical network deployments, the algorithms enforcing k-connectivity degrade network performance, when the topology requires heterogeneous(More)
Information-Centric Networking (ICN) is an emerging communication paradigm that reconstructs the Internet architecture. The features of ICN provide new opportunities for Internet multimedia applications. However, wireless network protocols do not consider the characteristics of ICN and QoS requirements of video transmission. This paper proposes a dynamic(More)
With the emergence of energy harvesting technologies, the energy harvesting wireless sensor network (EH-WSN) provides near-perpetual energy supply for sensor nodes. The routing techniques based on energy-efficient are not suitable for EH-WSN. In this paper, we focus on the routing problem for EH-WSN. We first describe the factors of affecting routing(More)
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In order to effectively evaluate the next generation communication network reliability under multi-constraint Quality of Service (QoS), a reliability calculation method based on path function and ordered binary decision diagram is proposed in this paper. The link order is determined firstly by the breadth-first search and the feasible paths are calculated(More)