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This paper presents the method for the detection and localization of moving targets in passive infrared (PIR) sensor networks in both indoor and outdoor settings. It reports our design and implementation of PIR sensor network, especially, we proposed a detection algorithm, which uses adaptive threshold with constant false alarm rate; and developed a(More)
BACKGROUND The highly pathogenic H5N1 avian influenza emerged in the year 1996 in Asia, and has spread to Europe and Africa recently. At present, effective monitoring and data analysis of H5N1 are not sufficient in Chinese mainland. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS During the period from April of 2004 to August of 2007, we collected 14,472 wild bird samples(More)
Recent phylogeographical studies indicated that glacial oscillations played a key role on the phylogeographic pattern of extant species. As most studies have previously been carried out on heavily ice-covered regions, such as in European and North American regions, potential effects of climatic oscillations on species that are distributed on ice-free(More)
The Blackthroat (or Blackthroated Blue Robin) Calliope obscura (previously Luscinia obscura) is one of the world’s rarest “robins”. It is extremely poorly known, with only a handful of records since it was firstly described in the 1890s. In 2011–2012, a series of field investigations were carried out in nature reserves in the Qinling Mountains, Shaanxi(More)
The current rural medical information construction is still imperfect. Large amount of medical data related to common rural disease is used at very low utilization rate. In order to improve the utilization of these data and to provide help for rural barefoot doctors and rural residents, we developed a distributed implied semantic text retrieval model and(More)
In temperate-breeding birds, individuals must adjust their physiological states from one life-history stage to another in response to changing conditions to maximize ecological fitness. Previous evidences have shown that body mass, size-corrected mass (SCM), and hematocrit (Hct) could be used as estimates of the energetic state of individuals to illustrate(More)
We carried out a primary survey by quadrat sampling to quantify breeding habitat characteristics of blackthroat (Luscnia obscura), a poorly documented and vulnerable bird species, in Foping nature reserve on the central southern Qinling Mountains. Tree layer information was collected in 10 m × 10 m plots, bamboo and shrub layer information was collected in(More)
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