Xue-yan Liu Liu

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BACKGROUND Insulin-dependent Type 1 diabetes (T1D) is a devastating autoimmune disease that destroys beta cells within the pancreatic islets and afflicts over 10 million people worldwide. These patients face life-long risks for blindness, cardiovascular and renal diseases, and complications of insulin treatment. New therapies that protect islets from(More)
Calcium-sensing receptor (CaSR) belongs to the family C of G-protein coupled receptors. We have previously demonstrated that CaSR could induce apoptosis of cultured neonatal rat ventricular cardiomyocytes in simulated ischemia/reperfusion. It remains unknown whether the CaSR has function in lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced myocardial injure. The aim of this(More)
Several studies have shown that soil microorganisms play a key role in the success of plant invasion. Thus, ecologists have become increasingly interested in understanding the ecological effects of biological invasion on soil microbial communities given continuing increase in the effects of invasive plants on native ecosystems. This paper aims to provide a(More)
The dynamics of nitrate (NO(-) 3), a major nitrogen (N) source for natural plants, has been studied mostly through experimental N addition, enzymatic assay, isotope labeling, and genetic expression. However, artificial N supply may not reasonably reflect the N strategies in natural plants because NO(-) 3 uptake and reduction may vary with external N(More)
Foliar δ15N has been used increasingly in research on ecosystem nitrogen (N) cycling, because it can serve as an integrator of ecosystem N cycling and thus has a potential to reveal temporal and spatial patterns of N cycling as well as how the N cycle is altered by disturbances. However, the current understanding on controls of foliar δ15N is based(More)
Photoacoustic imaging is an emerging noninvasive imaging technique with great potential for a wide range of biomedical imaging applications. However, with few-view data the filtered back-projection method will create streak artifacts. In this study, the regularized iterative weighted filtered back-projection method was applied to our photoacoustic imaging(More)
We used a litterbag method to investigate litter decomposition and related soil degradative enzyme activities across four seasons in a broad-leaved forest and a coniferous forest on Zijin Mountain in sub-tropical China. Across four seasons, we quantified litter mass losses, soil pH values, and related soil degradative enzyme activities. Litter decomposition(More)
The continuing increase in human activities is causing global changes such as increased deposition of atmospheric nitrogen. There is considerable interest in understanding the effects of increasing atmospheric nitrogen deposition on soil enzyme activities, specifically in terms of global nitrogen cycling and its potential future contribution to global(More)
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