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The influence of topography on the biogeochemical cycle of mercury (Hg) has received relatively little attention. Here, we report the measurement of Hg species and their corresponding isotope composition in soil sampled along an elevational gradient transect on Mt. Leigong in subtropical southwestern China. The data are used to explain orography-related(More)
In July 2002 and March 2003, the mercury exchange flux between soil and air was measured using dynamic flux chamber method in Hongfeng Reservoir region. Mercury exchange flux is (27.4 +/- 40.1) ng x (m2 x h)(-1) (n = 255) and (5.6 +/- 19.4) ng x (m2 x h)(-1) (n = 192) in summer and winter respectively. The correlation coefficient between mercury flux and(More)
Air/soil Hg exchange fluxes were measured using field chamber-automated air mercury analyzer method over different land in Wanshan Hg mine area in two seasons. The results showed that the air/soil Hg exchange fluxes were very strong. The highest Hg emission flux from soil was 27 827 ng/(m2 x h), the highest Hg deposition flux from the atmosphere was 9 434(More)
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