Xue-wen Xia

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In the event-driven network simulation, the generation distribution of discrete event is the basis of simulation running. Taking the currently common used OPNET network simulation tool as research object, the paper researched discrete event generation mechanism of OPNET through the simulation analysis on event generation rule of standard normal distribution(More)
This paper has expounded the importance of “Computer Network” experiment teaching in local University, and further explains how to improve the quality of “Computer Network” experiment teaching from three perspectives, the pilot project setting, teaching process organization and evaluation of experiments. This research is of(More)
This paper aims to improve the core ability of the computer science and technology majors in local university. It does some researches on three aspects: the training system of the core abilities of the students of the computer science and technology major in local university; the teaching reform of the computer science and technology major, and the courses(More)
Frequent changes of network topology may lead to frequent changes of routing, and instability of routing is one of important factors that cause descendent of Ad hoc performance. To address the application of Ad hoc network in emergency communication environment as disaster relief and military, as the neighbor nodes around some node are fixed in a certain(More)
Many actual Real-time Information Sequences (RIS) need effective encryption algorithm to protect the messages. Aiming at the characteristics of RIS, the paper presented a new double plies encryption algorithm based on time lapse. It takes a chain-to-chain encryption mode to construct a safe and reliable encryption system using two plies of matured(More)
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