Xue-mei Shao

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Tree-ring samples of Picea crassifolia were collected from the upper tree-line in the eastern mountainous area of Qaidam Basin in Qinghai Province. The tree-ring width and the cell number and size of the tree-ring were measured, and the standard chronologies for the early-wood cell number, late-wood cell number, total cell number of tree-rings, maximum cell(More)
Taking Chinese pine in Qianshan Mountains as a sample, the tree ring width chronology including standard, residual, and Arstan chronologies was established. The results showed that the tree ring width of Chinese pine had a higher correlation with the temperature in May - July and in September - November, and significant positive correlations were observed(More)
Based on the tree ring samples of Pinus koraiensis collected from the low altitude areas of Changbai Mountains, seven standard chronologies for tree ring width and cell scale parameters were constructed. Parts of the chronologies were chosen for the correlation analysis with the climate elements in 1959-2007 at Donggang meteorological station, and the(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether tanycytes be able to support the regeneration of completely transected spinal cord in adult rats. METHODS Subcultured tanycytes was transplanted into completely T8 transected spinal cord using the untranslated completely transected rats as control. After transplantation the rubrospinal motor evoked potentials were recorded(More)
Based on the investigation data of Sabina przewalskii tree-ring width at six sites at upper timberlines in eastern mountainous region of Qaidam Basin, the standard tree-ring chronologies of S. przewalskii were established. Cluster analysis indicated that there existed geographical differences in the radial growth of S. przewalskii among the sites. Higher(More)
AIM To explore an accurate neurophysiological technique that demonstrates small functional differences after spinal cord injury and assesses therapeutic interventions. METHODS A modified weight drop (WD) technique was used at T8 in rats to build graded spinal cord injury model. Rubrospinal MEPs were recorded at T13 epidurally to monitor spinal cord(More)
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