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The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of stem cell factor (SCF) on interstitial cell of Cajal (ICC) depletion in the colon of diabetic mice. Male C57/BL6 mice were treated by a single intraperitoneally injected dose of streptozotocin, and those displaying sustained high blood glucose were selected as diabetes mellitus models. Six groups of(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate QoL (quality of life) of patients with esophageal cancer in northern Henan province, China, and to accurate evaluate and reflect the relationship between patient characteristics and QoL. In the high risk area of esophageal cancer in the north of Henan province, 735 patients with esophageal cancer were investigated.(More)
Introduction Green leaves produce a specific odor, the so called 'green odor' which is composed of carbon-6 alcohols and aldehydes (Hatanaka, 1996). These chemicals were synthesized from α-linolenic and lino-leic acids through lipoxygenase/peroxidase-dependent cascades, a synthesizing pathway similar to those of lipid mediators of animals such as(More)
To evaluated the effect and mechanism of leflunomide (LEF) in murine model of collage-induced arthritis (CIA) on modulating the balance of Th17/Treg cells. DBA mice were divided into: control, CIA, CIA + LEF and CIA + Ibuprofen group. After 14 days immunization with bovine type II collagen (CII), except control group, mice were orally administered saline(More)
This study aimed to identify gene expression profile in the rat brain resulting from acute alcohol intoxication (AAI). Eighteen SD rats were divided into the alcohol-treated group (n = 9) and saline control group (n = 9). Periorbital blood samples were taken to determine their blood alcohol content by gas chromatography. Tissue sections were analyzed by H(More)
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