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Magnetic cellulose nanocrystals (MCNCs) were prepared and used as an enzyme support for immobilization of Pseudomonas cepacialipase (PCL). PCL was successfully immobilized onto MCNCs (PCL@MCNC) by a precipitation-cross-linking method. The resulting PCL@MCNC with a nanoscale size had high enzyme loading (82.2 mg enzyme/g) and activity recovery (95.9%).(More)
A novel deep eutectic solvent (DES)-DMSO cosolvent system has been, for the first time, successfully used as the reaction medium for the enzymatic acylation of dihydromyricetin (DMY) catalyzed by the immobilized lipase from Aspergillus niger (ANL). The cosolvent mixture, ChCl:Glycerol-DMSO (1:3, v/v) proved to be the optimal medium. With the newly developed(More)
Two maize male sterile mutants were selected from the offspring of four maize inbred lines, which were carried into space by the Shenzhou spaceship 4. Their genetic characteristic and stability was analyzed in present study. Crosses were made between the male sterile plants and fertile plants from the same line, and other inbred lines with normal cytoplasm.(More)
To solve the problems of intercalated organoclay such as low surface area and inhomogeneous organic loading, natural vermiculite was activated by acid leaching and then modified by trimethylchlorosilane (CTMS) and triethylchlorosilane (CTES). The modified materials were characterized by FTIR, BET, SEM and TG. Experimental results indicated that the surface(More)
An atmosphere-pressure Dielectric Barrier Discharge in Ar/NH3 mixtures between cylinder electrodes is studied by Optical Emission Spectroscopy and the main particles of atmosphere-pressure Ar/NH3 DBD plasma are NH, N, N+, N2, Ar, H(α) and OH. NH is decomposition products of NH3, and NH(c 1π) and NH(A 3π) are two kinds of excited-state neutral particles and(More)
The adsorption of H2O, NH3 and NO in molecular sieve SAPO-34 was studied by in situ DRIFTS at temperatures from 298 K to 773 K. The results show that the phenomenon of adsorption is reversible for H2O, but not for NH3 and NO. The water in SAPO 34 is absolutely deadsorbed at 623 K and the bridged Si-OH-Al group is observed at 3,625-3,600 cm-1. It is found(More)
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