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A New Algorithm of Multi-modality Medical Image Fusion Based on Pulse-Coupled Neural Networks
A new multi-modality medical image fusion algorithm based on pulse-coupled neural networks (PCNN) is presented, which utilizes the global feature of source images because the PCNN has the global couple and pulse synchronization characteristics. Expand
A new image fusion algorithm based on wavelet packet analysis and PCNN
  • W. Li, Xue-feng Zhu
  • Computer Science
  • International Conference on Machine Learning and…
  • 7 November 2005
A new image fusion algorithm based on wavelet packet analysis (WPA) and pulse-coupled neural networks (PCNN) is presented that provides a better performance in fusing multi-source images. Expand
A Novel Approach to Fast Medical Image Fusion Based on Lifting Wavelet Transform
A new algorithm based on lifting wavelet transform (LWT) to fuse multi-modality medical images is presented and shows that the new approach is very effective and has a good performance to fuse medical images. Expand
Establishing Common Pattern of Traditional Chinese Medicine Fingerprint by SVM
Establishing the common pattern of the traditional Chinese medicine fingerprint signal is an important problem for the evaluation in herbal medicine field. This study deals with the application ofExpand
High-Efficiency Vertical Light Emission through a Compact Silicon Nanoantenna Array
Optical antennas are utilized to link free-space optical radiation with localized energy, enabling varied applications such as beam focusing, freewheeling steering, biosensing, and opticalExpand
The bridge relating process neural networks and traditional neural networks
The process neural network (PrNN) is an ANN model suited for solving the learning problems with signal inputs, whose elementary unit is the process neuron (PN), an emerging neuron model, which can effectively suppress noises polluting the signals and generalize quite well. Expand
Optimal Computer Control of Erythromycin Fermentation Processes
Abstract In this paper, it is described that the erythromycin fermentation process is controlled real-time by a microcomputer control system. The pattern recognition optimization technique andExpand
Analysis and detection of ceramic-glass surface defects based on computer vision
The whole ceramic-glass manufacturing process is basically operated automatically. The final stage of the process concerned with visual inspection, i.e. product quality inspection, is closely relatedExpand
Development of a novel self-validating soft sensor
A self-validating soft sensor is proposed that not only can perform self-diagnostics and self-reconstruction, but also generate a variety of output data types, including the prediction values, inputExpand
A Modified Boosting Based Neural Network Ensemble Method for Regression and Forecasting
  • L. Wang, Xue-feng Zhu
  • Computer Science
  • 2nd IEEE Conference on Industrial Electronics and…
  • 23 May 2007
A modified neural network ensemble method based on boosting that actually could get comparative small generalization error in a more rapid way and also the speed of convergence for the algorithm. Expand