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Visual surveillance using multiple cameras has attracted increasing interest in recent years. Correspondence between multiple cameras is one of the most important and basic problems which visual surveillance using multiple cameras brings. In this paper, we propose a simple and robust method, based on principal axes of people, to match people across multiple(More)
—Occlusion reasoning is one of the most challenging issues in visual surveillance. In this letter, we propose a new approach for reasoning about occlusions between multiple people. In our approach, occlusion relationships between people are explicitly defined and deduction of the occlusion relationships is integrated into the whole tracking framework. The(More)
Object tracking using active contours has attracted increasing interest in recent years due to acquisition of e«ective shape descriptions. In this paper, an object tracking method based on level sets using moving cameras is proposed. We develop an automatic contour initialization method based on optical flow detection. A Markov Random Field (MRF)-like model(More)
In this paper, we present a framework for active contour-based visual tracking using level sets. The main components of our framework include contour-based tracking initialization, color-based contour evolution, adaptive shape-based contour evolution for non-periodic motions, dynamic shape-based contour evolution for periodic motions, and the handling of(More)
Conventional contour tracking algorithms with level set often use generative models to construct the energy function. For tracking through cluttered and noisy background , however, a generative model may not be dis-criminative enough. In this paper we integrate the dis-criminative methods into a level set framework when constructing the level set energy(More)
In this paper, a virtual instrument network through the LAN and finally remote control of virtual instruments is realized based on virtual instrument and LabWindows/CVI software platform. The virtual instrument network system is made up of three subsystems. There are server subsystem, telnet client subsystem and local instrument control subsystem. This(More)
The evolution of gas-liquid foams has been an attractive topic for more than half a century. However, it remains a challenge to manipulate the evolution of foams, which restricts the development of porous materials with excellent mechanical, thermal, catalytic, electrical or acoustic properties. Here we report a strategy to manipulate the evolution of(More)