Xue Teng

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Volume-of-interest (VOI) extraction for radionuclide and anatomical measurements requires correct identification and delineation of the anatomical feature being studied. We have developed a toolset for specifying three-dimensional (3-D) VOI's on a multislice positron emission tomography (PET) dataset. The software is particularly suited for specifying(More)
For the first time, we have synthesized orthorhombic phase KSc2F7:20%Yb/2%Er (KSc2F7:Yb/Er) nanorods and further studied the crystal structure and morphology evolution, as well as their upconversion (UC) properties under varying F(-) contents and reaction temperatures. Different from β-NaYF4:20%Yb/2%Er (NaYF4:Yb/Er) nanorods that usually give strong green(More)
Compared with automatic speech recognition (ASR), the human auditory system is more adept at handling noise-adverse situations, including environmental noise and channel distortion. To mimic this adeptness, auditory models have been widely incorporated in ASR systems to improve their robustness. This paper proposes a novel auditory model which incorporates(More)
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