Xue Tao Chen

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PURPOSE Looping patterns rich in laminin are present in tissue samples of primary aggressive human uveal melanomas and their metastases. Because these extravascular patterns connect to blood vessels and transmit fluid in vitro and in vivo, the three-dimensional configuration of these patterns has been the subject of considerable speculation. In the current(More)
PURPOSE Aggressive melanoma cells may express endothelial markers that can be used to calculate microvascular density (MVD). High MVD has been associated with adverse outcome in uveal melanoma. If tumor cells label with endothelial cell markers, then MVD may not accurately reflect a tumor's vascularity. This study was designed to study the influence of(More)
PURPOSE Primary malignant melanoma of the choroid and ciliary body has traditionally been treated without histologic staging, using purely clinical indicators. The presence of extravascular matrix patterns (EMP) in histologic sections of uveal melanoma has been shown to be an independent indicator of metastatic risk. These patterns are of a dimension and(More)
An immersive virtual environment for interactive three-dimensional reconstruction and exploration of confocal microscopy data is presented. For some structures automatic alignment of serial sections can lead to geometric distortions. The superior visual feedback of a Virtual Reality system is used to aid in registering and aligning serial sections(More)
Synthetic glycoconjugates that mimic cell-surface tumour antigens (glycolipids or glycoproteins with unusual carbohydrate structural motifs) have been shown to trigger humoral responses in murine and human immune systems. This raises the exciting possibility of inducing active immunity with fully synthetic carbohydrate vaccines, particularly if vaccine(More)
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