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The expression of arrhythmic related genes on Xenopus oocytes for evaluation of class III antiarrhythmic drugs from ocean active material
A modern pharmacological model for evaluation class III antiarrhythmic drugs, overcomes many defects such as lacking human fresh cardiac muscle cells as material and co-expression of many currents on cell membrane. Expand
Double label radioactivity per cell (RC) analysis in vivo: rapid cytokinetic analysis of the KHT sarcoma.
We have used a double labelradioactivity per cell (RC) analysisprocedure to rapidly estimate the G1,S-and G2M phase durations (andtheir coeficients of variation) of amurine solid tumor in vivo.WeExpand
Excitant effect of suberogorgin on isolated guinea pig trachea
Suberogorgin (Sub) was shown to increase the tension of isolated guinea pig trachea in a dose-dependent manner. Its ED50 was 52.5 mumol.L-1. The stimulation of sub on trachea was antagonized byExpand
Cell cycle phase sensitivity of CHO cell to Pingyangmycin
The effect of Pingyangmycin on relative survival of Chinese hamster ovary cells growing in vitro at various stages in the cell cycle was studied. It was shown that under the dosage used PingyangmyeinExpand
[Retardation of human drug-resistant HL-60 cell in G1 phase and induction of sensitive cell to apoptosis by cyclosporine A].
To further study the relationship between resistance to apoptosis and drug resistance in harringtonine-resistant HL-60 cells (HR20), cyclosporine A (CsA) 20, 10 micrograms.ml-1 was shown to induceExpand