Xue Rong Zhao

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Tunneling magnetoresistance (TMR) effect has been extensively studied either in MTJs [1] or in insulating granular films, but few studies have been reported on the composite structure combined them together. In this presented work, the MTJs of FeCoGd(t)/AlO/FeCo have been fabricated. Different from conventional MTJ, the FeCoGd electrode was partially(More)
A Three-Way Decision Clustering Approach for High Dimensional Data By: Yu, Hong; Zhang, Haibo Edited by: Flores, V; Gomide, F; Janusz, A; et al. Conference: International Joint Conference on Rough Sets (IJCRS) Location: Univ Chile, Santiago, CHILE Date: OCT 0711, 2016 Sponsor(s): Springer; IRSS; Data Mining Serv Ltd; Complex Engn Syst Inst; ISCI ROUGH SETS,(More)
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