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Insecticide-detoxifying carboxylesterase (CE) gene CpCE-1 was cloned from Cydia pomonella. Molecular dynamics (MD) simulation and computational alanine scanning (CAS) indicate that Asn 232 in CpCE-1 constitutes an approximate binding hot-spot with a binding free energy difference (ΔΔGbind) value of 3.66 kcal/mol. The catalytic efficiency (kcat/km) of N232A(More)
Polyvinyl pyrrolidone stabilized rhodium nanoparticles are highly soluble in hydroxyl-functionalized ionic liquids, providing an effective and highly stable catalytic system. In hydrogenation reactions, excellent results were obtained, and transmission electron microscopy, solubility determinations, and leaching experiments were employed to quantify the(More)
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