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Ceramic materials physical properties are the results from their microstructures characteristics. So, it is very important to quantify these characteristics in an accurate way. Ceramic microscopic image processing may be divided into two main procedures: image pre-processing for noise reduction and edges enhancement to clarify the image and image(More)
Endophytic bacteria can promote plant growth, induce plant defence mechanisms, and increase plant resistance to organic contaminants. The aims of the present study were to isolate highly PAH-degrading endophytic bacteria from plants growing at PAH-contaminated sites and to evaluate the capabilities of these bacteria to degrade polycyclic aromatic(More)
Different mulches have variable effects on soil physical properties and plant growth. This study aimed to compare the effects of mulching with inorganic (round gravel, RG), organic (wood chips, WC), and living (manila turf grass, MG) materials on soil properties at 0-5-cm and 5-10-cm depths, as well as on the growth and physiological features of Osmanthus(More)
Face detection has become a hot topic in the field of pattern recognition and computer vision. This paper proposed an improved spatial pattern clustering algorithm, each pixel in a color image will be taken as a pattern which implies not only its feature value but its spatial information. So, the clustering of all pixels of an image is converted to the(More)
The accuracy of target association is important to the stability and precision of track. Traditional target association methods are based on the trace, but these usually lead to fault correlation. This paper develops a new track association approach using gridding association domain and template matching. First, the 3 by 3 gridding association domains are(More)
Now the most serious problem in speaker recognition is the robustness of the system. A new feature fusion method based on MFCC and bispectrum feature is proposed in this paper to improve the robustness of the recognition system. Focusing on the high dimension and the large amount of data among the bispectrum feature spaces, the 1½ -dimension(More)
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