Xue-Mei Jiang

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In recent years, information retrieval methods focusing on the link analysis have been developed; The PageRank and HITS are two typical ones According to the hierarchical organization of Web pages, we could partition the Web graph into blocks at different level, such as page level, directory level, host level and domain level. On the basis of block, we(More)
Collaborative filtering has been very successful in both research and E-commence applications. One of the most popular collaborative filtering algorithms is the k-Nearest Neighbor (KNN) method, which finds k nearest neighbors for a given user to predict his interests. Previous research on KNN algorithm usually suffers from the data sparseness problem,(More)
We investigated the effect of Chinese herbal compound Song-you Yin on HCC stemness. MHCC97H and Hep3B cell lines were pretreated with SYY for 4 weeks, and their chemosensitivity to oxaliplatin was evaluated. The expression of CSC-related markers, cell invasion and migration, and colony formation were also examined. SYY-treated orthotopic nude mouse models(More)
BACKGROUND Evidence suggests that many types of cancers are composed of different cell types, including cancer stem cells (CSCs). We have previously shown that the chemotherapeutic agent oxaliplatin induced epithelial-mesenchymal transition, which is thought to be an important mechanism for generating CSCs. In the present study, we investigate whether(More)
This paper makes a study of error analysis and its implementation in the EFL (English as Foreign Language) classroom teaching. It starts by giving a systematic review of the concepts and theories concerning EA (Error Analysis), the various reasons causing errors are comprehensively explored. The author proposes that teachers should employ different and(More)
  • Wen-Hua Qi, Xue-Mei Jiang, Lian-Ming Du, Guo-Sheng Xiao, Ting-Zhang Hu, Bi-Song Yue +2 others
  • 2015
Microsatellites or simple sequence repeats (SSRs) have become the most popular source of genetic markers, which are ubiquitously distributed in many eukaryotic and prokaryotic genomes. This is the first study examining and comparing SSRs in completely sequenced genomes of the Bovidae. We analyzed and compared the number of SSRs, relative abundance, relative(More)
OBJECTIVE To study on the anatomical layers and depth of Yifeng (TE 17) so as to provide anatomical basis for clinical treatment. METHODS Fifteen fresh adult corpse samples, 10 males and 5 females, were randomly taken for investigating the anatomical structures and nerve-blood vessel relationship at the acupoint area of Yifeng (TE 17) with layer(More)
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