Xue Mao

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Kernel SVM suffers from high computational complexity when dealing with large-scale nonlinear datasets. To address this issue, locally linear clas-sifiers have been proposed for approximating non-linear decision boundaries with locally linear functions using a local coding scheme. The effectiveness of such coding scheme depends heavily on the quality of(More)
Kernel SVM is prohibitively expensive when dealing with large nonlinear data. While ensembles of linear classifiers have been proposed to address this inefficiency, these methods are time-consuming or lack robustness. We propose an efficient classifier for nonlinear data using a new iterative learning algorithm, which partitions the data into clusters, and(More)
An acyl-CoA-Δ9 desaturase from Saccharomyces cerevisiae was expressed by subcellular-targeting in soybean (Glycine max) seeds with the goal of increasing palmitoleic acid (16:1Δ9), a high-valued fatty acid (FA), and simultaneously decreasing saturated FA in oil. The expression resulted in the conversion of palmitic acid (16:0) to 16:1Δ9 in soybean seeds.(More)
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