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Providing efficient data aggregation while preserving data privacy is a challenging problem in wireless sensor networks research. In this paper, we present two privacy-preserving data aggregation schemes for additive aggregation functions. The first scheme -cluster-based private data aggregation (CPDA)-leverages clustering protocol and algebraic properties(More)
The study of Cyber-Physical System (CPS) has been an active area of research. Internet Data Center (IDC) is an important emerging Cyber-Physical System. As the demand on Internet services drastically increases in recent years, the power used by IDCs has been skyrocketing. While most existing research focuses on reducing power consumptions of IDCs, the power(More)
The report of the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) has placed CPS on the top of the priority list for federal research investment [6]. This article first reviews some of the challenges and promises of CPS, followed by an articulation of some specific challenges and promises that are more closely related to the sensor(More)
Energy and cooling costs of web server farms are among their main financial expenditures. This paper explores the benefits of dynamic voltage scaling (DVS) for power management in server farms. Unlike previous work, which addressed DVS on individual servers and on load-balanced server replicas, this paper addresses DVS in multi-stage service pipelines.(More)
Reconstructing the environment in cyber space by sensory data is a fundamental operation for understanding the physical world in depth. A lot of basic scientific work (e.g., nature discovery, organic evolution) heavily relies on the accuracy of environment reconstruction. However, data loss in wireless sensor networks is common and has its special patterns(More)
Location-based mobile social network services such as foursquare and Gowalla have grown exponentially over the past several years. These location-based services utilize the geographical position to enrich user experiences in a variety of contexts, including location-based searching and location-based mobile advertising. To attract more users, the(More)
Large-scale farming of agricultural crops requires on-time detection of diseases for pest management. Hyperspectral remote sensing data taken from low-altitude flights usually have high spectral and spatial resolutions, which can be very useful in detecting stress in green vegetation. In this study, we used late blight in tomatoes to illustrate the(More)
Data aggregation is an efficient mechanism widely used in wireless sensor networks (WSN) to collect statistics about data of interests. However, the shared-medium nature of communication makes the WSNs are vulnerable to eavesdropping and packet tampering/injection by adversaries. Hence, how to protect data privacy and data integrity are two major challenges(More)
This paper addresses the problem of electricity cost management for Internet service providers with a collection of spatially distributed data centers. As the demand on Internet services drastically increases in recent years, the electricity consumed by Internet data centers (IDCs) has been skyrocketing. While most existing research focuses on reducing(More)