Xue-Liang Zhao

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As a new research field in wireless sensor network (WSN), wireless video sensor network (WVSN) makes surveillance multifunctional and intelligent, with rich and intuitive sensing information. It attracts more and more researchers’ attention. We design and implement a wireless video sensor network prototype system, using WIFI as the wireless communication(More)
1. The purpose of the present study was to examine lung water transport properties and the expression and regulation of the alveolar endothelial water channel aquaporin (AQP)-1 and the epithelial water channel AQP-5 in aged mouse lung using gene expression analysis and water permeability measurements. 2. In aged (20-24-month-old) mice, AQP-1 and AQP-5 mRNA(More)
With the ubiquity of mobile communication devices, people experiencing traffic jams share real-time information and interact with each other on social media sites, which provide new channels to monitor, estimate and manage traffic flows. In this paper, we use natural language processing and data mining technologies to extract traffic jam related information(More)
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