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Collaborative filtering is regarded as one of the most promising recommendation algorithms. The item-based approaches for collaborative filtering identify the similarity between two items by comparing users' ratings on them. In these approaches, ratings produced at different times are weighted equally. That is to say, changes in user purchase interest are(More)
The precise mechanistic relationship between gene activation and repression events is a central question in mammalian organogenesis, as exemplified by the evolutionarily conserved sine oculis (Six), eyes absent (Eya) and dachshund (Dach) network of genetically interacting proteins. Here, we report that Six1 is required for the development of murine kidney,(More)
Dlx homeobox genes are mammalian homologs of the Drosophila Distal-less (Dll) gene. The Dlx/Dll gene family is of ancient origin and appears to play a role in appendage development in essentially all species in which it has been identified. In Drosophila, Dll is expressed in the distal portion of the developing appendages and is critical for the development(More)
This paper proposes a novel scheme for distributing MPEG-coded video over a best-eeort heterogeneous network, such as the Internet. The key contributions of the proposed scheme are (1)error recovery using smart retransmissions and adaptive playback point, and (2) dynamic adjustment of video reception rate at the receivers using a hierarchical control(More)
HP1 proteins are a highly conserved family of eukaryotic proteins that bind to methylated histone H3 lysine 9 (H3K9) and are required for heterochromatic gene silencing. In fission yeast, two HP1 homologs, Swi6 and Chp2, function in heterochromatic gene silencing, but their relative contribution to silencing remains unknown. Here we show that Swi6 and Chp2(More)
Mek1 is a meiosis-specific kinase in budding yeast which promotes recombination between homologous chromosomes by suppressing double-strand break (DSB) repair between sister chromatids. Previous work has shown that in the absence of the meiosis-specific recombinase gene, DMC1, cells arrest in prophase due to unrepaired DSBs and that Mek1 kinase activity is(More)
Netrins are chemotropic guidance cues that attract or repel growing axons during development. DCC (deleted in colorectal cancer), a transmembrane protein that is a receptor for netrin-1, is implicated in mediating both responses. However, the mechanism by which this is achieved remains unclear. Here we report that Rho GTPases are required for embryonic(More)
We address the problem of fairness in a feedback-controlled multicast video distribution scheme. In a fair scheme each receiver should receive a video stream with a quality that is commensurate with its capabilities or the capabilities of the path leading to it, regardless of other receivers or network paths. This fairness problem results from the fact that(More)
Optimizing the performance of a multi-core microprocessor within a power budget has recently received a lot of attention. However, most existing solutions are centralized and cannot scale well with the rapidly increasing level of core integration. While a few recent studies propose power control algorithms for many-core architectures, those solutions assume(More)
Online human gesture recognition has a wide range of applications in computer vision, especially in human-computer interaction applications. Recent introduction of cost-effective depth cameras brings on a new trend of research on body-movement gesture recognition. However, there are two major challenges: i) how to continuously recognize gestures from(More)