Xue-Feng Yuan

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Tissue engineering is a rapidly evolving field of research that has yet to fulfil its promise in the translation and potential application of adult stem cells in clinical practice. Recently, it has become apparent that specific adult stem cells are capable of transdifferentiation. The successful application of adult stem cells is thought to be central in(More)
Cognitive impairment is associated with increased blood concentrations of homocysteine and high blood viscosity. Previous studies have shown that vitamin B supplementation reduces homocysteine and enhances cognitive function in patients with mild dementia and low serum folic acid. However, whether folic acid enhances cognitive function in elderly subjects(More)
Replicating the nanostructured components of extracellular matrix is a target for dermal tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Electrospinning Bombyx mori silk fibroin (BMSF) allows the production of nano- to microscale fibrous scaffolds. For BMSF electrospun scaffolds to be successful, understanding and optimizing the cellular response to material(More)
OBJECTIVE Human skin is a complex bilayered organ that serves as a protective barrier against the environment. The loss of integrity of skin by traumatic experiences such as burns and ulcers may result in considerable disability or ultimately death. Therefore, in skin injuries, adequate dermal substitutes are among primary care targets, aimed at replacing(More)
Bombyx mori silk fibroin (BMSF) has received considerable research interest as a potential biomaterial owing to its excellent mechanical properties and benign, versatile material fabrication options, including electrospinning. Despite this, characterizations of regenerated BMSF aqueous solutions and electrospun materials resulting from them are still very(More)
The non-linear dynamics of a semi-dilute (c/c* = 15) polydisperse polyethylene oxide (PEO) solution in microfluidics are studied experimentally using benchmark contraction–expansion flow geometries with three contraction–expansion ratios (4:1:4, 8:1:8 and 16:1:16) and two narrow channel lengths (Lc/Dh = 53 and 5.3, where Lc is the length of the narrow(More)
Tobacco vein banding mosaic virus (TVBMV) is a potyvirus which mainly infects solanaceous crops. The helper component proteinase (HCpro) of a potyvirus is an RNA silencing suppressor protein and determines the severity of disease symptoms caused by different potyviruses, including TVBMV. It has been shown that substitution mutations introduced into the(More)
Starting from a simple mechanical constitutive model (the non-local diffusive Johnson-Segalman model; DJS model), we provide a rigorous theoretical explanation as to why a unique value of the stress plateau of a highly sheared viscoelastic fluid is stably realized. The present analysis is based on a reduction theory of the degrees of freedom of the model(More)
Copolymer E(17)B(12) (E denotes OCH(2)CH(2), B denotes OCH(2)CH(C(2)H(5)), and the subscripts denote number-average chain lengths) was prepared by sequential oxyanionic polymerization and characterized by GPC (for distribution width) and NMR spectroscopy (for absolute composition and chain length). Dynamic and static light scattering and rheometry were used(More)